Hear what matters.

Great sound helps you focus on what matters most.

Separate and augment audio signals in real-time. Use our super-fast, AI-powered software to remove, replace, and change the different components that make up a mix. Hear what matters to you and focus on your tasks.

Attentif.ai Signal Separation

Our real-time AI applications

On-the-fly music remixing with AudioRetune

Audio streaming

Change vocal and instrument volumes on-the-fly. Replace a recorded part with your own performance in real-time.
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Movie streaming

Readjust volume levels of sound effects and voices. Avoid surprising volume spikes and disturbing others.
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Hearing aids

Amplify only the sounds you want to focus on.

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Augmented reality

Replace environmental sounds for more immersive experiences.

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Overview of AudioRetune App UI

AudioRetune enables musicians and music lovers alike to remix and practice songs. Sing along to, transcribe, or practice any song immediately.

Personalized on-the-fly remixing
Use any song as a karaoke or jam track
Create a set list
Bookmark song sections

Using AudioRetune is like having the STEMS of any song in the world available at your fingertips. Change the volume of different instruments on-the-fly during playback and create your personalized mix. Processing happens directly on your device and in real-time. No additional hardware, software, or storage is required. Download and try AudioRetune for free from the AppStore, or learn more on audioretune.com.